Mini Ski Skates

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      Skiskating is essentially a combination of skiing and skating. This truly unique sport shouldn’t be confused with snowblading or skiboarding, as it genuinely feels like ice skating, just on the snow.

     The length of the ski base is below 50 cm (20 in) so it feels very natural to those who play ice hockey, ice skate, or even use inline skates.

      Skiskates enable you to skate on snow and perform all kinds of twists, jumps, and tricks and let you access areas like narrow hiking trails you wouldn’t be able to access whilst wearing skis. And best of all, they fit into your backpack so you can take them almost anywhere.



Metal ski edges enable easy maneuvering. You can not only  brake by sliding on the edges, but  steer at the same time. Exactly like you would with  Ice Skates.


Similar to Roller Blades, the MINI SKI SKATES have  integrated heel brakes, to slow you down to a stop, whenever needed.


Be the  trickster of the slopes with these lightweight MINI SKI SKATES. Because of the short and  lightweight design, you can  land tricks and jumps more easily then ever before!


Like a  multifunctional swiss knife of winter sports, it doesn't do only jumps and tricks, but speed and slalom runs as well! It's like your brought with you  all your favorite winter activities in a bag.

Features & Benefits

 [ Swiss Army Knife ]

it’s multifunctional use lets you take them with you on a hike and slide down narrow hiking trails and forest paths. Skate across frozen lakes, use them as snowshoes in knee-deep snow. And instead of needing an extra trailer for all that gear…all you will be needing is a handbag to carry them!

 [ Money-saver ]

instead of buying tons of expensive skiing gear like ski’s and boots, plus extra caring bags and ski car racks, you will be saving not only money, but time and extra storage space as well.

 [ Time-saver ]

last minute call from your buddies for a unplanned skiing trip over the weekend, and you don’t have time to pack? No worries, because of their lightweight and portability you can get ready for your favorite ski trip in 5 min. Just throw the mini ski skates in your backpack, and your done!

 [ Use it everywhere ]

have fun on your local sledding hill or in your backyard with your friends and kids. Can be used for downhill, in snow parks, through forest trails, or sledding hills in the backyard.

 [ One size fits all ]

they attach right to your winter shoes or snowboard boots. We recommend for shoes of size: 6-13 US / 38-47 EU.

 [ Small& Practical ]

the mini ski skates are extremely light and small, so they fit into any bag and are easy to carry around. You can leave them in your car trunk and forget about them, but still have it around every time a fresh snow lands, without ever taking up to much space.

 [ High-quality & Maneuverable ]

made of highly durable and lightweight fiberglass reinforced material. Metal ski edges enable easy stopping. Heel brake lets you slow down.


Question: What size shoes are they going to fit?

Answer:  6-13 US or 38-47 EU. Smaller or bigger sizes might not fit, but it depends a lot on the form of the shoe as well. If it doesn’t fit, you can always send them back to us, with no extra charge


Question: Can I wear it with my snowboarding shoes as well?

Answer:  Yes, please do. Their design is made exactly for this. You don’t need to buy extra gear for it, just use your own boots or your old snowboarding boots as well.


Question: What is the min-max snow depth suggested for prime use?

Answer: The mini ski skates are designed for groomed snow. You can use them on ungroomed tracks as well, however, they are not suitable for ungroomed snow deeper than 25 cm or 10inches.


Question: Do the metal edges ever need sharpening or tuning?

Answer:No, they wouldn’t work more efficiently even if they were extremely sharper.


Question:  But won’t you catch the toe during skiing and fall on your belly every time?

Answer: No, the tip has a high enough curve to not have to worry about falling.


Question: Can I use it on grass for cross country training as well?

Answer: We can’t confirm it, because we never did tests on grass before, but in theory it should work. If you try it out, please let us know 😉

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